At Wild Rose, we strive for:


Create an environment in which well being (physical, emotional, mental) is promoted and encouraged.


  1. We will promote and enhance healthy living habits in our school community through our Wolfpack initiatives.
  2. We will continue to help students to take ownership of their learning.
  3. We will continue to encourage Wild Rose families to be active partners in their child's learning.
  4. We will continue to recognize the positive in every child by celebrating their achievements in all areas.



Encourage understanding and acceptance of everyone in our community by developing healthy habits and values.


  1. We will continue with our character education program promoting: Wellness, Integrity, Leadership, Determination, Respect, Overcoming Obstacles, Success, Empathy.
  2. We will continue with our Wolfpack days to promote good citizenship in all our students.
  3. We will continue with the Playground Pals and cross-age activities.
  4. We will continue with charitable initiatives, environmental projects and community involvement.



Encourage and celebrate individual and group achievements.


  1. We will continue to provide a variety of personalized on-going supports and modifications.
  2. We will continue to provide timely feedback and creative formative and summative assessment practices.
  3. We will continue to refine the integration of current technology into our classrooms to engage and prepare our students for future learning environments.
  4. We will continue to embrace and support curricular and pedagogical changes that challenge and encourage students to take risks.
  5. We will continue to value and promote family and community learning partnerships.
  6. We will continue to support staff professional development and innovative instructional practices.