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Option Thursdays

Wild Rose offers Option Thursdays to our Division 2 students. 

Term 1: September 5, 2019 to January 23, 2020 (19 sessions)

Term 2: January 30, 2020 to June 18, 2020 (19 sessions)


Fees per term: $375
Teacher: Mr. Heyworth

Students in the Rec Option will take part in a variety of indoor and outdoor athletic activities one afternoon per week, which may include everything from inline skating to climbing, martial arts, and CrossFit as well as a winter camp.  Students in the REC Option should be prepared for a high level of physical activity.  The fees cover transportation, entrance fees and specialized instruction, if needed. Students can only register for one term of Rec as we have limited space (20 spots per term).

High Tech/Low Tech

Fees per term: $15
Teacher: Ms. Rudakoff

Students in the High Tech/Low Tech Option will have the opportunity to explore technology in a variety of ways.  High Tech activities may include but are not limited to: photography, video making, green screen, and computational thinking/coding.  Low Tech activities may include but are not limited to: design thinking, Genius Hour, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) challenges.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to work independently and in small groups on a number of projects.  The cost is to pay for guest speakers, equipment, and materials.

Fine Arts

Fees per term: $15
Teacher: Mrs. Cressall 

Students in the Fine Arts Option will engage in: Arts and crafts, cooking/baking or decorating, and art appreciation.  Activities may include: paper mache, jewellery making, chocolatiering, painting, sewing and card making/paper crafts.  The cost is to pay for tools and materials.


No fees
Teacher: Mrs. Toma

Students in the Leadership Option will take part in a variety of activities which will allow them to make a difference at school and within the community.  Events such as Break the Rules Day, Crazy Hair Day, and ‘80’s Day are all created, promoted and carried out by the students in the Leadership Option.  These students also participate in being ‘learning buddies’ to the younger students at school.

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